Friday, February 10, 2006

Its been a couple days since I last posted because I've been temporarily detatched from my computer. While looking at the screen on Monday and turning it just slightly, a LARGE crack stretched across my screen. Thankfully its just the stylus screen (its a tablet laptop) and should only run me $170 and not $700+ for a full LCD screen.
I have had a good couple of days NOT tied to the computer though. I just finished up some paper hanging frames for the book I'm currently working on and they've turned out lovely. I'm also working on some collage painting just for the heck of it and they are making me utterly happy! As soon as I get one finished I'll pop a photo here.
The girls and I just finished up some cards for a little boy's birthday. Some scraps of paper and some Hot Wheels stickers and the girls have created a cute little gift of stationery. Of course because we are still "in progress" with our Cornell inspired collages the girls have been bugging me let them back into the studio. Unfortunately, because the the other projects I worked on this week, it is hard to see the layer of collages underneath the great expanse of paper scraps! The table I work at is a huge conference table that measures about 5 feet by 10 feet but it doesn't matter how big my work surface is, once I start working I end up covering the whole table and working from a small 6" square of table top! When I get my laptop back I'll try to remember to post some pictures I've taken of my studio at one of its "clean" moments. I think its time to get back to one of those moments. I find a clean studio totally inspiring. Can the LACK of clutter be a muse?

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