Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring Fever

Is it too early to have spring fever in Boston? I think not! Some people might point out that I'd already be enjoying this temperature weather if I were still in Texas but what they don't realize is how glorious this weather is to me in stark contrast to the bloody cold days! No offense to the Texans but you just sort of blennnnd into Spring. One day its all brown and mooshy and then one day its not. Here in New England you see the beautiful struggle of life. (I saw this in Michigan too, of course) You see the early bulbs of spring bravely, or maybe foolishly poke their heads out of the frozen tundra to take a deep breath and start their show. The kids are giddy that they can take their coats off at the park. Like their skin has been waiting all these months to breathe!
This painting is 24 x 24 and is aptly titled for this blog The Sound of Spring. I particularly love the old victorian catalog add for flowers peaking thru the layers of glazes like the crocus at my neighbor's house.

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Anonymous said...

I think you spoke too soon.