Friday, March 02, 2007

What am I thinking?

Can you imagine this as a family room? Might we be nuts for even considering this place? We traipsed around in the rain and snow today to look at this "carriage house" one more time. The water was pouring into the basement a lot! and a little into the first floor. We might be crazy. The contractor and appraiser came with us so we can see how the numbers look.

Well, thats silly to say because we already know the numbers will look bad...its HOW bad they look as a measure of HOW crazy we are! We definitely aren't having a housewarming party anytime soon~! If not this house, then another one will find us--right??

I've got lots of big things in the works that I want to share but my lips are sealed for a few more days while I wait for contracts to go here and there in the mail. I promise to let you know about them as soon as I can! Mostly because I can't hold in the excitement.

My closing wish for you is to Stay dry! (Which is more than I can say cause my landlords basement has 3 inches of water in it thru which I must traipse if I want to have clean clothes before you know who's plane lands tomorrow! I'm not complaining! We realized that there was water just minutes after she lent me the keys to the spare car. What a landlord!)

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