Sunday, July 01, 2007

Four Pretty Blue Eggs

Back in New Hampshire after a lovely trip to Bread Loaf in Middlebury, Vermont. I would complain about the two wrong turns I made that lead me 20 minutes out of the way but I won't because the views were too breath takingly gorgeous to have any reason to be upset. Every minute of the four and 1/2 hour drive was lovely although I'm not sure I could ever live in such a remote area.
I was visiting with my college roommate and favorite poet, Heather Fee while she is in New England attending Bread Loaf. We spent the days catching up (Heather's teaching ESL at Benjamin Franklin International School in Spain) and shopping at barn sales and little art gallerys. I found some more GREAT wooden boxes for my assemblages like the one pictured here. This piece is called Four Pretty Blue Birds and was a hit at the Brookline Open Studios. It was great to have such a great reception for these little story boxes that I created and I look forward to making more. We also came across some new wines that I had never seen. Because I judge a bottle of wine by its label I was entranced by a line of Sideshow wines. I tried to find the link to their website but no luck. But I highly reccomend them as a fun, inexpesive glass of wine for lady's night out.
After long late night talks and multiple bottles of wines we have decided that we'd like to work together some more in the future-her poetry my art.
All-in-all, a lovely weekend with a rarely seen friend who has known me longer than anyone else--even Matt. What a treasure!

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Anonymous said...

Hello kiddo, glad you are having a good time.

We were watching the Washington and Boston Fourth of July celebration last night. I asked Jeff if he remembered where we were 12 years ago this night. Of course he remembered the BIG sub and that they took a picture but that they used one of a guy eating water melon for the newspaper. Amazing that he can remember that but not where he put his keys.

Miss you and Happy Anniversary...