Monday, July 20, 2009

Free time is a state of mind

the girls go to camp So, as of noon yesterday, I was free.  Why? because these beauties left on a bus to NH for a week at two different Girl Scout camps.  They look happy enough eh?  So why am I posting this on my work blog?  Because their leaving means I have to WORK, WORK and work a little more. 

I’m using the beginning of the week to crank through my class kits for the classes I’ll be teaching in Arizona at I-scrap and Crafty Papers as well as Art Unraveled.  I’ve never felt less free. Oh, and I’m missing the girls.  I’m glad to know that when I pick them up this weekend we all get to go on a well deserved vacation (and work for me) to Disneyworld.  I could use a little glutinous joy.  I hope the girls are having a good time.  I hope they love camp just as much as I did.  I hope I don’t get any more paper cuts and still have time to go for a bike ride.

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