Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Your Set or Mine?

Julie and I duke it out on the set of her new
Cloth Paper Scissors Workshop All About Faces.
 Work is good. It always is. Even though I don't seem to have enough time to work on my art, I do get the opportunity to work with creative people in creative ways.
Recently, I was back at Interweave Studios working with a great line up of mixed-media artists. It was nice to be on the back side of the camera helping to produce some great workshops. I did get some camera time while interviewing each of the artists for their future video promos. I absolutely love this picture of the two of us. I think we were arguing over who like the other person more...ok, it was totally staged, but it really is great to work with Jules.
Julie, me, and Jenny from CraftTestDummies.com
on the set of Scrapbook Soup
In this second picture, I've just wrapped up taping two episodes of Scrapbook Soup (no, I didn't teach scrapbooking--I demonstrated a couple mixed-media projects).
Jenny from Crafttestdummies.com stopped by to visit, too.
The next big thing on my to do list at work is to go to CHA (the Craft and Hobby Association convention) in Anaheim, CA. I'll be teaching a really great demonar that has already sold out, and will be helping to judge the Innovations awards. Oh, I'll also be seeing a lot of Julie, and Jenny, and so many more creative, artistic, inspiring, spirit lifting friends! I was at CHA a year ago and my Father-in-law passed away while I was there. I was devastated to be away from my family at this time of such great loss. (I really loved Jeff, and miss dearly every day.) But I was surrounded by my artistic family. Everyone I ran into gave me the support I needed until I could get back home.
So yes, my job is great, the fine line between home and work happily bounces back and forth as my friends become family and work continues to feed my creative needs.
Do you enjoy your work as much as I do? What about your job do you look forward to most?

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dandelion dreamer said...

how totally perfect being paid to do sopmething you completely love and meeting so many creative friends along the way!