Sunday, March 11, 2012

Feed me: The 7 x 7 Show

I've got some really exciting news! We're working on a brand new project here to help end senior hunger. During Brookline Open Studios on May 5th and 6th, we'll be hosting the Feed me: the 7 x 7 Show.
The show will have 49 pieces of art (get it? 7 x 7=49) by artists from Brookline and the greater United States.
Each work of art will measure 7" x 7" and will be in a variety of different media.
A $49 donation to Meals on Wheels will help feed a senior for 7 days.
A $49 donation made at Feed me: the 7 x 7 Show will feed a senior for 7 days and will get you a rockin' piece of art worth at least $49 (and probably a lot more!)

Mark your calendars now! Don't miss this event...there are only 49 pieces of art. Stop by, make a donation, pick your favorite piece of art, and help us help Meals on Wheels to feed more that 340 seniors.

Artists will be invited by invitation. If you are an artist, or know an artist who would be interested in participating please email me!

I will be posting a link to a blog and sharing some of the art as it comes in.
Hope to see you all there!


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