Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mini Collage Magnets with Adopted Ancestors

Some of you may know that I wrote a book called Art of the Family Tree. I am a lover of genealogy and I really enjoy looking through old photos at flea markets. I call my photos "Adopted Ancestors". I think it's a bit ironic that I don't have the same kind of photos of my family, but I do have really great photos of other people's family.

So these little magnets came about after I collected a bunch of teeny tiny little photos that were sweet and interesting but not terribly useful for a collage.

I found these magnet at an office supply store and thought they'd be perfect for little collages. I also love to collect interesting old books to use for text. I really enjoy reading and skimming through books looking for the right words to tell my story. I think it's too easy if you can just type up something like BELIEVE or SPREAD YOUR WINGS. I like the search.
I'm sure just by looking at these, you can see how easy it was to put these together. A correctly sized circle punch would make it even easier!  Simply cut your circle, and adhere it to the magnet with gel medium or matte medium. Add your text if desired and let dry before you start hanging up your shopping list with it!

Of course, if adopted ancestors is not your thing, here is a list of other great art you could add to make your own set of magnetic beauties.

  • Scraps from gelatin prints
  • Hand-printed fabric
  • Carve a circle stamp and print it on paper
  • decorative paper
  • Glitter and Ice Resin (prop it level with lentils or rice while drying)
  • Little mini-circle quiltlets
What would you put on one of these? I'm excited about getting some of the small pieces to use with scraps of my art work! If you make some, be sure to post your pictures and let me know!

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