Monday, May 12, 2008

All the News that's fit to Print

Yep, that's me with a strange man in my bathroom. It's the photographer for the Brookline Tab. They're doing a story of some sort about our carriage house/home/renovation/and maybe living in Brookline--sort of article. We've been told that we are the first real estate article to make an appearance in the Life section of the newspaper.
Matt made them a CD with pics from before the renovation including the video I shot. They will be adding some of this on the website. The article is being written by Neil Simpson and once I have a link, I'll put it here. It's been fun showing off the house for the umpteenth time. I'm not sure when I'll tire of it all. I think I love Matt more every time I talk about how we worked together to make this incredible home. Oh, and did I mention that he washed the floor for me on Mother's day?!?!? How could you not love him?
Also, another exciting happening today was getting to meet Author Annie Barrows (writer of the Ivy and Bean books). If you have a 1st- 3rd grade daughter, niece, grandaughter, cousin, stepdaughter, or other such young lady in your life who hasn't read one of these books yet, stop reading this blog and hop over to Amazon and order one (two, three, and the NEW four!) This is the book that turned Bec onto reading--I mean not just because I told her too. But, instead because she wanted to. Like when she could have turned on the boob tube! I know! FANTASTIC! Annie was wonderful with the kids. She was fun and encouraging and answered a TON of questions (a number of which were asked multiple times). No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't trip her up.
Did I mention my latest goal? I might as well put it out there right??! When I moved to Brookline my goal was to get my art into a coffee shop. I hadn't had ANY shows yet but I knew I wanted a good goal for my new life back in Massachusetts. YEAH! My art work is looking lovely at the neighborhood hot spot... Kookoos! SOOO, my new goal, to work on in my spare time (HA!) is to write and illustrate a children's book! Don't hold your breath. It will take me a while but there it is--my new goal. Thrown out into the universe for someone to hear, read or hold me to.
For now? My goal is to make it to the grocery store for toilet paper, milk and something resembling a vegetable before the natives get hungry and restless.

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Anonymous said...

Hey - Illustrate mine! It's already written, perfect combo. I'll send it to you!