Monday, May 05, 2008

Planting Seeds of Music in a Childs Heart

Here is my Illustration Friday Art for May 2, 2008, the theme is SEED.

I had just finished a "flowery" piece for one of my upcoming Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine articles when I logged onto IF and saw that I could stay in the flower-groove. I especially love the transparent dixie cup and the memories of my kids bringing home a seed they planted for me in school. Mother's day ROCKS!

I was also just beeming after Thursday night with pride for my little Becky who just shined like a diamond in her PALS Chorus Spring concert. She never stopped smiling the entire performance and while I know I'm biased, she was one of the best up there. Not just in how she sang, because the choir is indeed made of many beautiful voices, but in the WHOLE package. She sang with her whole person. I was weepy with joy. I couldn't help it. I was proud of her, yes. But I was HAPPY for her too. Because the joy was spilling out of her while she was up there on stage.
Oh Drats, I'm getting weepy again!

Anyway, this lovely piece, is in honor of Becky who has discovered one of her many talents--a love of music. I look forward to planting many more seeds with you Bec--and thanks for giving mommy the perfect inspiration.


trudette said...

Beautifull , I am glad I found your Blog !

Valerie Lorimer said...

Hi Jenn,

Your piece is exquisite - the use of colors and sentiment are wonderful!

studio lolo said...

I love the idea of music sprouting from your child's heart! Wonderful and heartwarming :)

lil kim said...

gorgeous, great colours!