Friday, October 10, 2008

Lighting a candle for St. Becky

Have you paid homage yet? Saint Becky is the patron saint of Knox Blox. Whenever your Jello won't set or your fish float to the top (Libby?) you can light a penny candle at the church of
What a brilliant job she did! These are all individually printed (and laminated) book marks that Bec made for the kids in her class. It solves the "no birthday" snacks rule and doesn't send another useless piece of plastic home. Although, I must state that I loved the Mini-recorder and the hand puppet eyes that she received in class this year from other 9 yr olds.
What really excites me is her ability to rock the knox blox. I worked side by side with her but more often than not, I borrowed HER brayer that was covered in yummy colors. It makes me very excited to teach at Art and Soul's Abigail's Retreat in February next year.
This also continues the conversation of living creatively. Yes, I am a Creative Liver and every once in a while, when I get stuck with a life problem like not having birthday treats, creative genius saves the day. Really? just gelatin, some leftover card stock and some paint. Becky was in heaven (you'd think the paint had "happy" fumes with the way she rocked the prints) and for no extra dinero we had a super surprise for 24 learned 3rd graders. How are you going to live creatively today?


Unknown said...

Wow...great photograph!!!! This would make a great icon mounted on wood. SO COOL.

Can't believe it was all done with gelatin on a day when the kids were home from school! You really are a marvel!

Maybe you could involve your husband in a little jello project on a day when the kids AREN'T home from school :-)

ps- what I did to as a creative LIVER today is tag you in my blog :-)

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Can you post some step by step instructions - or can Becky?

Teresa aka Tess said...

What an absolutely adorable and creative photo. Love it, Loveit, Love it! I agree with vamanos, could Becky post instructions for her bookmarks? Wow! Really beautidul colors.