Thursday, October 02, 2008

Rose Garden Research

Yes, those are really roses. Well, rosebushes perhaps is a better label. My live-in photographer got a shot of me while I was sketching out the footprint of a local rose garden. There is a call for art for an exhibition of art work inspired by this garden (Minot Rose Garden).
This is not something I really have time for with two grants due, 3 product line proposals, and the start of the Open Studios season but it IS important to me.
It also gives me a chance to rant about something here on my blog. MAKE ART! I know, some of you are not "Artists"--in your own mind. You are, however, creative nonetheless. My dear friend Karin, who in other phases of life, lived in India, worked as an ER doc, and grew to adore living in New Orleans, now resides in Brookline, has a beautiful pup (Nola) who always smells delicious (quite a feat for a dog!) and knits the most lucious treasures. She called last weekend while I was out with the family and asked to stop by so she could use me as a hand model. You HAVE to check out this picture! and her blog for that matter. Here is a woman who chooses to live creatively in her own special way.
Ok, perhaps you don't knit, you don't "make" anything. How about Amy Atlas, a party planner in NY who blows my mind with edible beauty! My dear friend and fellow coauthor Jennifer Francis Bitto sent me the link to Amy's site just the other day. I will definitely be throwing a party soon--even though I'll have to do it myself.
So back to the rose garden. I don't normally do roses. I'm a daisy girl myself (my first pup was even named Daisy) but I love the idea of rising to a challenge. I'm intriqued by what my brain and my brushes will come up with for this challenge. I'll let you know what transpires!
Go live creatively!

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Anonymous said...

...and if I can live creatively, ANYONE can. The satisfaction of creativity is not in the reimbursement, so it is not at all necessary to be a "professional." Actually, with all the ugliness I have visited during my years in the developing world and in inner city emergency departments, I feel more acutely the need to surround myself with beauty -not GRANDEUR, but simple beauty. I have always admired a female physician with whom I worked who brought with her a flower from her garden every time she worked a night in the trauma room of Charity really helps. Thanks for the nice tag...AND for the use of your lovely hands. Go creative livers!! :-)