Monday, October 20, 2008

Parts and Parcels goes to School

This is the book that Becky made,

These are the things that Becky used to put in the book that Becky made.

This is the post that Jenn is typing about the book that Becky made.

Once again proving my point that anyone can live more creatively.

Project: Go to one of many Boston landmarks with your family and buy something, make something, or write something about your experience.
Outcome: The Mason family went for Dim Sum (where Abby, Jenn and Matt ate teeny tiny octopi) and then went on a photo journalistic tour of China Town. Becky took the large flip-flop parcel (available from creative imaginations and designed by yours truly) to create an interactive journal. She left the house today before I could shoot a picture of it so I'll have to add an update to this post later.

She created the whole thing on her own and because the book is so simple to construct, being creative not only led to a great project on this past Sunday afternoon, it also improved her self-esteem (as anything that comes out successful these days does).

Be creative--it will make your daughter smile.

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