Friday, February 29, 2008

Frantic Friday

Matt walked into my studio and saw me like this and felt compelled to take photo. I see that I've forgotten to put mascara and earrings on today--geesh! I'm working on art for my CI proposal after spending most of the morning getting art supplies and checking out color trends. I'm really feeling inspired by bright colors for this new line--think Mr. Eddie Hopper if you will. Strong vibrant green, a magenta like red, aqua that remembers the beaches of Aruba (honeymoon days), orange of the humble clementine, and a playful blue thats somewhere between aqua and royal blue. It just warms me up thinking about them. Oh, maybe I'm warm because of the layers of paint on my hands keeping my fingers warm. Who knows?!

What I reallllllly love about coming up with new book and new product ideas is exactly what I'm doing right now--experimentation, organization and using every last crevice in me ole thinker. I LOVE ideas! I also love getting ideas out of my head and onto paper. Its hard to make the time to break out all the paints or to sit quietly in front of my sketch book AND feel inspired to create but boy oh boy, when it happens...the sparks fly!

I'm feeling inspired today to start trying the weekly challenge. This week is LEAP. I have to figure out how to link it and stuff but I'm hoping that writing this on my blog will make me feel compelled to follow through.

Ok, first layer of paint is dry--must keep creating. There only so many Leap Day hours in four years you know--time's a wastin'.

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