Monday, February 25, 2008

Jenn Rides!

I DID IT! Yes, that's me riding the slopes of Okemo this past weekend. I rocked the hills! Ok, maybe I didn't rock them but WOW, what a fun alternative to skiing. Did I mention that the boots don't hurt your feet. I had an absolute blast with Matt and the girls in our first ever private boarding class. Poor Bec hit her tail bone pretty early on and I didn't give her the attention that deserved. She and Matt headed back after the lesson and some hot chocolate and one last run while Abby and I carved some more snow with our boards. The second to last run I hit MY tail bone and was immediatley filled with guilt about thinking Becky wasn't sucking it up and trying to have fun. OWWWW. BUT, I found out that they make boarding shorts with padding.
I'm sort of bummed that we probably wont get up again this season because Abby's play practice is starting soon. I really am going to give this boarding thing a shot. I like having to learn something new--always have and I hope I always will.
For brief moment I even felt hip! Hard to do at 36. Abby wants a board for her birthday so I'll be looking for that soon. In the mean time I need to go take some more advil!

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Dr.Knitter said...

You GO girl!