Wednesday, July 09, 2008

crochet bikini!

Today I got to go to a lovely little yarn store with my friend Karin. Of course I was too busy chatting with her to pay attention to the name of the store! I met a lovely group of women including Jodi Colella who made LOVELY, AMAZING, INTRICATE jewelry! I just couldn't believe my eyes. If I can get her to photograph some of the jewelry I saw today I'll see if I can post it here to make you drool.

I grabbed a couple skeins of weird yarns to try and work into my mixed media (totally influenced by Jodi!) and a couple books. One has a crocheted kids bikini pattern that I just HAVE to try for the girls. Perhaps if I get some extra time tomorrow, AND all my work done I can go out to buy some yarn...perhaps.

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