Saturday, July 05, 2008

Working Backwards...

Ok I promised that I'd blog every day and then I FORGOT. I think that happens when you all of a sudden have NO routine. So I'm saving this as Saturday's post! (I know Karin, I'm only cheating myself!)

See, these girls pictured here are hundreds of miles away in Michigan with my family (Hi girlies!) and I wake up every morning not knowing what to do (or NOT do) first.

Here is my solution, I will start by blogging about an email I received this morning from a friend from my past...

Katherine updated me on the ages of her girls and other things and then asked me the following...

Madeline has a sun, moon, stars theme in her room and she is ready for a change. Her room is faux painted a gold yellow. I would perfer her walls to stay that way because she has a NORTH facing room and needs the brightness. She now wants a rainforest theme room with emphasis on poison dart frogs

Here is my suggetion Katherine!:

Keep the sunny yellow and use it as a blank canvas for a hip and happening new room (Madeline is 8). Take down the sun, moon, star theme stuff.

Have Madeline pick out 3-4 of her favorite frogs from the internet or a book. (try google images too) These will dictate your color scheme.

Pick the accent colors from the frogs like bright orange, red or chartruese and make these the pops of color in the room (garbage can, curtains, extra pillow on the bed or throw rug.)

Next, to make it a frog room, use JoAnn fabric or Michaels coupons to buy BIG blank canvases (the deeper ones look better) and paint a frog onto it. Don't think dimensions, think coloring book. You can blow up a small picture and trace it or use a projector if you have on or can borrow one. You can do this on all the canvases depending on the amount of wall space or you can do smaller canvases that you just paint the frog silhouettes on in the accent colors.

For accessories, I'd hit a rainforest cafe restaurant and/or ikea. Ikea has a big leaf canopy thing that would be fun to put over a reading chair or a couple over a play corner. And then I'd put a mosquito netting over the bed. Have fun with it and letting Madeline help pick things out will let her really take ownership.

Katherine wanted to update her other daughters room too (she wants a princess room). But she doesn't want it to be disney-ish so that it will grow with her for a while.

Here I'd do the same kind of thing, pick a great wall color and then accessorize with medieval type decorations (skip the torture chamber of course). Ikea will have some accessories, but also think funky fur throw and think about what you could spray paint gold for that princess grandeur. Also there are pretty big flat backed rhinestones at places like Michaels that you could adhere to a headboard or desk chair. Think about fancy knobs on the dresser too.

Send me a picture when you're done!

If anyone else has a creative challenge I'd love to hear it--keeps the mind fresh!

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