Friday, November 07, 2008

Reflections, Elections and Halloween candy

I just realized you can scroll through these blog posts to see how often I change my hair. I wonder if I really want to document this!? This is me 'dolled' up at the Reflections Reception on October 30th. There was an incredible response to all of the frames and was touched by the responses people made to my piece pictured behind me. I just hope these same people will bid early and often to help raise money for the 21st Century Gala fund. I just love what they are doing for out high school here in Brookline--even though I have 6 more years before the girls start there. A good cause is a good cause.

Next up was Halloween. In my "living creatively" streak I should tell you that we gave out 24 packs of crayons! My husband thought we'd get stoned or egged for not handing out candy but that was NOT the case. While I also had plastic mechanical pencils for the older kids, many, when given the choice, still picked the crayons.

tween trick o treater: Trick or Treat
me: Happy Halloween! You want crayons or a pencil?
tween trick o treater: Duuudddde, crayons!
me: okedoke
tween trick o treater: Thannnnkkkksss! (to his friends, "dude I got crayons!")
me: you're welcome!

(see how polite my trick o treaters are?)

I'm also living creatively by avoiding eating all the Halloween candy that the girls brought home. How? you ask. I creatively tell myself other things I could nibble on instead.
me: I want a peanut butter cup!
me: no you don't
me: yes I DO!
me: nahhh, how about a juicy red cherry tomato?
me: oh, such a pretty red color...must eat pretty....
me: good girl.

so far so good, haven't even put one mini m & m into my mouth. Yeah me!

Lastly the election. I endeavor to keep religion and politics off this blog. There are plenty of other blogs to read if you want to go there. BUT, I will just sum up my response in a short statement. "Yeah US!"

I did participate in the voting party mood by crocheting a red white and blue sweater for Bindi my Puerto Rican immigrant pup. When I can get her to sit still with it on I'll snap a photo. It's nothing special and I made it without a pattern so it has lots of room for improvement. What I really wish I had taken pictures of was the sandwich board signs the girls made for election day. They had written VOTE for OBAMA on two sheets of paper and taped them to Bindi's back so that she could be a walking advertisement. I have to say, it was probably much more efficient than robo-calling, especially since 6 of the 8 robo-calls we got were for a guy running for office in TX (I haven't been registered there for 3 years) and one robo-call I received on Wednesday AFTER the election! So glad I didn't contribute to those campaigns--although one could argue that they were "creatively" campaigning.

So, regardless of the weather (rainy here in Brookline) I hope you find your creative spirit clamouring to get out today!

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Anonymous said...

I should've gone trick or treating at your house! I want crayons.