Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Oh, I love to have fun in the la la la la

Here is a shot of my first story sketches that you saw me working on in a previous post. For this shot I hung them from old bed springs. Where does one get old bed springs you ask???

Well, when one walks her kids to school and passes by an old box spring put out in the trash on pick up day, one hurries home to find her wire cutters and a bag. Then one walks briskly back up toward school until one happens upon an old box spring.

"Oh my, an old box spring!" (look around to see if anyone sees you looking at a pile of trash)
" I wonder how long it will take for this to decompose in a landfill" (taking the green approach always seems to lessen the gross factor of looking at someone else's trash)
"I bet I could make a couple quick snips and free a few of those old springs from their life of sitting in a rotting heap of garbage." (look around again to see if anyone sees you TALKING to the garbage)
"There, free. Now, what am I going to do with these springs?!?" (then store the springs in your closet for 5 months without any idea of how to use them.)

The rest of the plans are going smoothly for the open house. I spent monday working on the flyer (coming in another post) and then yesterday I ordered all sorts of ribbon and wrapping paper for giftwrapping. Today more painting and then on to the jewerly fun.

I only wish for more time--the ideas in my head are just spinning and I want to share it all with the people of Brookline.

Have you thought of your Holiday shopping list and how you can either Shop Local or make something by hand? Now is as good a time as any to consider it!


Anonymous said...

Love them! "Tis true little sphere, you can ?".

Jenn Mason said...

you can roll

glad you like them, you're one of my best groupies!