Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy accidents

This piece is one of the Bingo Card collages I made for Shop Local that took place last weekend. I am always searching for relevant collage material. If I'm designing a piece on babys, the sheet music will be a lullaby, about immigrants, the papers will be about other countries, and so on.
The main section of this piece is from a geography book from the 1800's. I pulled it out a while before because I liked the horse drawn sleigh picture and it wasn't until I was putting this piece together that I discovered that it was a page on Norway--a country near and dear to my friend Karin's heart. It said that Norweigans were a generous and frugal people. I found that entirely too funny. It made me go back into the book to read what they wrote about other countries. Let's just say it was not very PC.
Karin ended up getting this piece which touched me because she really took the time to look at everything and spotted the Norway reference herself. She asked if I had made the piece especially for her. I told her, while I didn't set out to make it for her, as I happened upon my happy accident of choosing this page on Norway, I did restructure my focus to make something worthy of her.
What creative accidents have you had?

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