Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I'm alive! Again!

These pictures are to tide you over until I get my camera uploaded later today.  They are a couple of quick shots of the assembled jewels (collage necklaces) that I put together for Shop Local.  

We had a great turn out and I pretty much didn't look at the time until we hit a lull at 5:15 and realized it was over.  So much fun, great art and fabulous munchies too.

Thanks to all who stopped by, with or without a purchase, for those who brought canned goods (we have three overflowing bags) and for those who put in their order from Mexico!

I took yesterday off and single handedly tried to pull America out of recession.  If the stock market goes up significantly today, you can send your thanks to me!  
Today is wrapping and regrouping (oh and a trip to see MILK with a couple of good friends).

My good friend Mary from Quayside drove down and it seems she was on a tour of Brookline Carriage houses!  Read more!

Also, there was a shout out on the Craftside Blog (suspiciously similar pics) about Shop Local.  It might be worth a minute of your time as Stefanie (the blogger) is giving away BOOKS for comments! GO NOW! (and if you bought something from my Shop Local...you can mention that!)

So to end for today I'll tell you about my creative bagging I did for the Shop Local event.  Instead of ordering paper bags to send purchases home in, I bought inexpensive non-woven reuseable shopping bags!  They are so cute and GREEN! (although I bought the blue!)  I hope people will use them over and over again or even use them as gift bags. Check out PaperMart for great (read affordable) buys for your gift wrapping.   

How are you going to creatively give your gifts this holiday?

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