Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Festivus Preparation...

I wish you a merry-whatever-you-celebrate, I wish you a merry-whatever-you-celebrate and a Happy New Year.

Oh, don't mind me, I'm deep up to my neck in holiday spirit these days.  I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the intake of gingerbread, chocolate and mini marshmellows.  

I spent the weekend quietly being creative with my brood.  We baked cookies.  Dozens and dozens of cookies.  Here they are all wrapped up for a bunch of our close family and friends (oops, just spoiled the surprise).  I have a few more dozen to go of our favorite Belgian cookies for a cookie swap.  I don't bake a lot.  REALLY!  It's only one or two days a year that I wish I had a double oven.

Abby, in her most givingness, wants to make sure she can give cookies to the new girl in her class who just started on Friday.  How sweet you think, right?  Yes, beyond sweet.  She was very excited to have this new little girl not only in her class, but sitting at her cluster!  Oh JOY!  and Abby thinks she MUST feel welcomed!  

Abby got to meet the new girl who comes here to Brookline from China!  Poor thing doesn't speak any (or very little) English yet.  But, alas, this has not dampened Abby's holiday spirit.  She has already fashioned a paper "friends forever" necklace (with the help of her sister) so that this lovely child knows that Abby is ready, willing and able to be her friend.  (oh, and for those of you who are worried, the new girl also sits with two other lovely students who are fluent in Chinese and English).

So Abby chose to be creative because her heart lead her there.  Where will your heart lead you this holiday season?

Hmm, is anyone else craving Dim Sum and Gingerbread now?

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