Thursday, December 04, 2008

Three more days until Shop Local!

I'm almost ready.  Almost.  But first I have to get through tonight.  Both the book signing at Brookline Booksmith and the Brookline Arists Open Studios First light Event.

It doesn't help that Matt is in Vegas and I have no one to bounce things off of.  I honestly didn't realize how much I depend on his feedback!  So, here! I'm going to show you instead! (or maybe Matt if he signs on and reads some blogs).
These are just little fun holiday hangings I've made with book pages, photos and sheet music I've been saving.  Oh, and my Tinsel Trading finds as well.  Oh to be creative without a deadline--now that would be a lovely gift!

What would you do if someone gave you 5 more hours today?


Marissa said...

Hi Jen,

I love the designs. If I had 5 extra hours what would I do? I'd definitely spend more time in the studio creating all the projects I have backing up and I'd spend more time on my journals.

Where is the First Light Event?

Also, is it possible as a teacher in Brookline (Peartree) to take part in the Brookline Open Studios?

Have a wonderful holiday! Some day we should meet for a coffee in Coolidge Corner, I work right down the street.

Anonymous said...

So I channeled my inner Jenn for to solve my Christmas dilemma. We didn't bring Christmas ornaments with us and I didn't want to spend $. The girls are obsessed with those melty-bead things so they made a bunch of beautiful ones. Also, I printed out photos of all our friends onto label paper and made ornaments of new friends here and everyone we miss back home. Of course there is a Jenn ornament!